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A.L.S.K.V. Levitas

Do you feel like paddling on the most beautiful canals of Leiden? What about white water canoeing in the Ardennes? Would you like to be part of a cozy canoe polo team? Or is surfing with a canoe on big waves something for you?
Whatever you like, Levitas is always the best club for you to choose! Levitas offers you all the possibilities to do the things you prefer, being not only a sportsclub, but also a social club.


Become a member of Levitas!

There are two moments a year at which you can join Levitas. The first is in September, after the El Cid introduction week. Before you become a member of the club, you will be a trial member for two months. So you can see the club from inside and decide whether you really want to join or not. The second possibility to become a member is in May, after the 'Summer action'. Then you will be a trial member for five months, after which you automatically become a member for the whole year.
NB: Levitas is a student association. So if you're no longer a student, you sadly can't join.

After your enrollment during the Summer action

If you become a member of Levitas during the Summer action in April/May, you recieve a summer membership for five months. During that time there will be a starters course, in which you will learn the do's and don'ts from the canoe sport. You'll make your first boat trips and learn the most important techniques to be able to go and paddle alone on the water. Probably you are very enthousiastic after those five months, so of course you want to stay at Levitas. Then you get to know the club and the other members better and every day you will be able to enjoy all the possibilities of the canoe sport and the cosiness that Levitas offers to you.

After your enrollment during the El Cid-week

There is a nice weekend for all the new members after your enrollment, in which you meet the other members and the club. After this weekend the instruction lessons will start. That means that all the new members get weekly instructions during eight weeks. During the instruction lessons you will learn the most important paddling techniques and you will make your first boat trips. You will also learn how to handle the different materials. What follows after these eight weeks is a small exam, in which the new members show that they have mastered the canoeing and that they can paddle alone safely. When passed the exam, you receive a special certificate. You will be told the code of the clubhouse and from then on you are allowed to use all the clubboats and other materials.


Being a member you will pay the following fees:

  • Trial member: 20 euro
  • Summer member student: 40 euro
  • Year member student: 75 euro


Wait no longer and become a member of Levitas! For more information please contact our 'Wervings- en Introductie Commissie' (the WIC, commission for recruitment and introduction: [email protected]), or talk to one of our members during the Summer action or the El Cid-week.


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