About Levitas

Welcome on the website of Levitas! This part of the site gives you more information about the club.

Levitas is the one and only canoe student association of Leiden, located at the water in Leiderdorp on the 'Universitair Watersport Complex', fifteen minutes cycling from Leiden CS. This is next to the 'Green Heart', and it is 15 minutes paddling to the Kagerplassen (for routes, click here).

We have about 100 members, practicing different branches of the canoesport. There is an active group of people doing canoe polo, and trips are often being made. You can also find us on wild water, at sea, during flatwater races and slalom competitions. Furthermore, Levitas is not only a canoe club, but also a club for fun and sociability. Often nice activities are organised, such as filmevenings, table football tournaments, climbing, survivalling and going out. Every monday- and wednesdayevening we have dinner together. Nothing is compulsive at Levitas, so you can decide by yourself what you most like to do and whether you want to participate in activities or not.

In the clubhouse of Levitas you can find kayaks and canoes  for doing all these activities. We have the biggest fleet in the Netherlands with about 70 clubboats. There are also many accessories, such as paddles, spraydecks, anoraks, life jackets, helmets, etc. That means that when you become a member, you don't need to buy your own stuff. When you're canoeing for some time and you want to have your own material, you can often leave this at the clubhouse.

Are you interested and would you like to become a member of Levitas, or do you just want to visit us once, don't be afraid to contact our commission for recruitment and introduction (the WIC) via [email protected]. You are very welcome to join us!

Also watch our 20 second promo-movie!